Power Play

by Sara Zacuto "Play is not a luxury but rather a crucial dynamic of healthy physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development at all age levels." -David Elkind

I’m A Wrestler, Not A Fighter

By Dawn Velez "Facing risk helps children assess the world around them and their place in it. Over time, they see their abilities grow, and they become ever more confident about stretching their boundaries and taking appropriate chances. They also learn about their limits and the consequences of going too far beyond their limits." ~Joan Almon

Dear Sara…

A thoughtful parent sent me an email the other day posing a question about her twin boys (5). She made the brilliant suggestion to start a "Dear Sara" column where I can address these kind of concerns in a larger forum and offer my advice. I love this idea and asked her if I could [...]

The Courage of the Wall

a guest post by Rebecca Sadler The courage to choose to try, and then try again. The courage to trust someone when they say, “now push up on that bent leg” and most importantly the courage to ask for help when you need it. Their bodies were made for this, we can have the courage to trust them!