Slabs and Structures

By Rebecca Sadler "Using clay gives children another language for expressing thoughts, ideas, and emerging working theories about their world...helping them to make their thinking and learning visible." ~Lisa Terreni


By Lilly Green “When we invite children to create self-portraits, we offer them mirrors and encourage long, sustained study of their faces from [an] unfamiliar perspective. Then we ask them to re-create themselves on paper, weaving together the image that they see in the mirror with the person they experience themselves to be. Their portraits are eloquent statements of self.” ~Ann Pelo

Intimately Connecting with Paint Tools

by Michelle Ramirez "In our work with these materials, we strive to honor the ways in which children live in their bodies, growing relationships with materials through their physical encounters with them." ~Ann Pelo

Where Will We Go Today?

"We teachers must see ourselves as researchers, able to think, and to produce a true curriculum, a curriculum produced from all of the children. What we so often do is impose adult time on children’s time and this negates children being able to work with their own resources." ~Loris Malaguzzi

Now more than ever…

A little over a month ago a child came to me with a book, asking me to read it. I saw that it was an illustrated copy of the song "What A Wonderful World" sung by Louis Armstrong. I read the book aloud to her and decided that I would take it to our afternoon [...]