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Sara Zacuto

Little Owl Community School blog is written and managed by Sara Zacuto, who is a teacher and parent advocate serving the families of Little Owl Preschool in Long Beach, California.

Our team is influenced by and greatly respects the philosophy and educators of the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy. We believe that the heart of children’s learning is play. It is through self-initiated play that they develop physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills and grow into critical thinkers. We know that children are active, sensory learners and need to be provided with an environment that allows various opportunities for exploration, investigation, social interaction and problem solving. We feel it is through relationships (with people and materials) that children develop and construct meaning and a contextual understanding of themselves and the world at large. The educational philosophy at Little Owl is research driven. It is based on constructivist learning theory that has shown that children learn best by discovering and constructing their own knowledge in an enriched environment. We aim to provide the kind of diverse experiences that will effectively help young children in ways that are lasting and foster a life-long love of learning.  It is through these active learning experiences that higher order abstract thinking is acquired, which is an essential component of creative problem-solving. For young children, learning needs to be concrete before it can become abstract.

We strive to be a place of wellbeing for children, families, our team of educators and the community at large…a place that perpetuates positive social change and a resource for our peers in early childhood education.


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This blog will serve as the space for reflections, articles, inspirations and writings pertaining to our work with young children.

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